Our clients are amazing people, working for amazing organisations.

They all share something else in common – they are passionately committed to being Great Fundraising organisations, achieving the best that they can for the good causes they believe in. And they will go the extra mile to make sure they do.

We work alongside them, guiding them and equipping them with the tools to produce Great Fundraising and to grow their income and their impact. We have a diverse range of skills and experience, and it’s our mission to pass this knowledge and expertise on to you, to revolutionise the way you work and the results you achieve.

We are not a fundraising consultancy, trainer, coach, or creative agency – but a hybrid of all of these, and so much more. We plug into your organisation and provide an organisation-wide, tailored package that will develop your skills and capacity to deliver Great Fundraising.

We only work with people or charities who have been trained in, and who are committed to, the principles of Great Fundraising by our partner, Alan Clayton Associates.

Our collective passion and purpose drives us to continually reach for nothing but the best. No compromise.