Welcome to Revolutionise

It’s your Revolution

Our clients are the most purposeful, driven and ambitious charities, non-profits and NGOs around the world. Our clients believe their job is to inspire and lead their cohorts of supporters to fulfil their mission and solve the problem they exist to overcome.

They understand unity of purpose, outstanding people and impactful communications that move people to action, not just understanding. Our clients are courageous and make the changes they need to grow rapidly. Our clients approach the changing of the world for the better in a Revolutionary, not evolutionary way. They are in a hurry to get the job done. They feel deeply the need to achieve their ethical dreams. They understand the knowledge required to succeed. They are brave enough to make the changes required. They drive growth until the job is done.

It is a humbling honour and privilege to work with you all.

Photo of Alan speakingSeminars start Revolutions

So here’s a secret. Revolutions are started by people like you, whatever your job or role. You gain the inspiration and knowledge you need, and then your passion, drive, committment and energy affect others. Then they find unity of purpose, they make decisions, they communicate brilliantly and things change and start to happen very, very quickly. If you wait for evolution to fulfil your dreams, you will wait a very long time indeed. Become that brilliant communicator and change leader by attending one of our inspirational and educational seminars at the Inch, Loch Ness, or at venues around the world. Inspire yourself, then infect others around you. Small groups start big Revolutions that achieve enormous outcomes. We look forward to working with you. Start by asking ‘What’s your purpose?’

Alan Clayton, Creative Director